Watch: Adorable kids share their support for Caitlyn Jenner

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A group of children asked why they thought some people didn’t approve of Caitlyn Jenner – and their answers are amazing.

After being shown a picture of Jenner from her days as an athlete, before she transitioned, the kids were shown a photo of her in a red dress – and they said she looked “happy”, “calm” and “confident”.

Then they were told both photos were of the same person. Reactions ranged from disbelief  – “How could a boy turn into a girl, that’s impossible?”  – to support – “Who she wants to be is who she should be”.

But the most heart-warming moment is when they are told about how some people said negative things about Jenner, such as “Bruce Jenner is a sick man”.

“I think they’re just afraid of change.”

“They don’t understand what it feels like to just be who you want to be.”

“The people who are saying that are afraid to change themselves.”

Watch the video below: