Kim Jong-un has found the cure for AIDS, North Korea claims

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North Korea is claiming that its Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has found the cure for AIDS, cancer and Ebola – but he probably won’t be sharing it with the West.

The dictatorship’s state-run propaganda agency, the Korean Central News Agency, made the outlandish claim.

It it asserting that the despot’s scientists has developed a miracle drug, known as Kumdang-2, from common plant ginseng.

The KCNA claims of its new miraculous drug: “Malicious virus infections like Sars, Ebola and Mers are diseases that are related to immune systems, so they can be easily treated by Kumdang-2 injection drug, which is a strong immune reviver.

“The researchers insert rare earth elements (REE) into insam (ginseng) by applying the micro-elementary fertilizers of REE to the fields of insam.

“Inside the herbal body of insam the REE had got combined with the saccharides into desired complex compounds.

“The injection is made of extracts from those complex compounds. As a strong immuno-activator, the injection has been recognized to prevent different malignant epidemics. from ingredients including gingseng.”

Needless to say, the news has been met with extreme scepticism from scientists outside of North Korea – given the state’s habit of embellishing its leader’s achievements.

A picture of Kim Jong-un visiting an orphanage went viral last year – due to the somewhat subversive placement of two toys.