Trans woman denied entry to nightclub for ‘cross-dressing’

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Filipina fashion designer Veejay Floresca was denied entry to a nightclub that told her they did not allow cross-dressing.

The Valkyrie nightclub has come under fire for turning away several trans women in the past, citing their dress code.

Ms Floresca was on the guest list on the night she attended, and later posted on her Facebook what had happened.

She wrote: “When I was about to get in, the bouncer refused to let me in because according to dress code policy, they don’t allow cross dresser.

“I smiled and showed them my California State ID. I said ‘I’m female. I don’t live here, I’m from California.’

“In my 3 years of living in the U.S. This never happened to me. To the people of Valkyrie, please have an open mind and understanding.”

The bouncer eventually allowed her entry – but just a few weeks later she returned and the same thing happened.

This time, even after showing her ID, the bouncer reportedly said “That’s still a man”.

Ms Floresca said: “I still can’t believe that some people still think transgenders as crossdressers.

“We should not dehumanize people because of their decisions to be themselves. I want this to change.”

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