Guild Wars 2 adds trans character

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Role-playing game Guild Wars 2 has added a minor trans character.

Players in the online game can interact with a character known as Aid worker Sya who helped in the relief effort after villain Scarlet’s attack.

When players ask if they have met her before, she says: “I’m Sya. Back then I was known as Symon.”

She goes on: “Scarlet destroyed so much in the blink of an eye. It reminded me how short life is and how we should spend every moment embracing who we are.”

Players can then congratulate her on her bravery, to which she responds: “Thank you. Being a mesmer makes it easier.”


In the game, “mesmers” are characters gifted in magic that can change appearance – providing an explanation for transition in a Medieval fantasy world.

The game, played regularly by nearly 500,000 people, has already included a lesbian couple. Players have praised this direct but small, inclusion of a transgender character.

Many video games have begun including LGBT characters and story lines.

Mass Effect 3 was lauded for its portrayal of a gay relationship, although it caused some controversy at the time, with threats of boycotts.

The Dragon Age series has often led the way, with gay characters included from the Origins game, and a transgender character introduced in Inquisition.