Security tightened ahead of Pride in London and Armed Forces Day

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Security was increased by police around Pride in London and Armed Forces Day events today.

The increased security came as Islamic State (ISIS) named the military and police as targets, sending messages to followers instructing them to attack.

“As we approach a weekend of large public celebrations around the country, including Armed Forces Day events and Pride London, we will be putting in place additional security measures to help protect and reassure the public,” Helen Ball, the deputy assistant commissioner and a senior counterterrorism police officer, told the Times.

The official level of threat from international terrorism was not changed today, but remained as “severe”.

The Prime Minister, who wrote a message of support for those attending Pride in London, was due to attend the biggest of various events to mark the Armed Forces Day.

UKIP’s LGBT group joined the Pride in London march despite being told they were banned by organisers.

Speaking to PinkNews at the event, which they had originally been banned for over “safety concerns”, UKIP members said they were asked to move away from African LGBT groups.

The group joined the parade part-way along the route earlier in the day.