Republican politician says same-sex marriage ruling ‘victory for the mentally ill’

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North Dakota politician Dwight Kiefert said the Supreme Court ruling is a ‘victory for the mentally ill’.

In a Facebook post, the Republican Representative said: “Yea, gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. Great victory for the METALLY ILL!!!!!

“Oh, but wait, homisexuals were taken off the mentally ill list in 1973…. Anybody know why?

“I’ll give you a clue, not because of any study o research. Google it!!” [all sic]

He went on to tell Inforum: “I don’t think that it’s normal. You can’t reproduce. I mean, a man and a woman is what it takes to make a child.

“The bottom line is: Through my faith, I have to oppose it.

“I just hope people respect me for who I am.”

House Majority Leader Al Carlson was quick to point out that Mr Kiefert’s opinions did not represent those of the rest of the Republican party. He said: “Dwight speaks for himself. He has a lot of strong opinions.”

Mr Carlson said he did not personally share the view that homosexually was a mental illness.

Mr Kiefert has previously fought for a ban on same-sex marriage in North Dakota, and objected to a Muslim leading prayers at the Capitol on Ash Wednesday.

North Dakota Republican Randy Boehning was recently outed after being found on Grindr, despite having voted for anti-gay laws in the past.