Watch: This Christian lady really can’t handle the SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling

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This Christian woman has gone on quite a spectacular rant in a video posted to Facebook.

Becky Wegner Rommel, of White Pigeon, Michigan, posted the video last Friday after the US Supreme Court ruled that all couples, straight or gay, have a constitutional right to marry.

In it, she suggests that Christians should stand up for themselves and oppose same-sex marriage, which of course is an abomination.


She says: “This is a really sad day for me. Everything that God created his church to be, as man as woman, Adam and Eve… Five justices decided that God was WRONG!”

On the opinions of same-sex marriage proponents about her, she said: “Your word isn’t truth, my word isn’t truth. GOD’s word is truth and he says that marriage is between a man and a woman!”

“I don’t care, if you think I’m judging you! The fact is, the God of the universe: he is the truth.”


She goes on: “Dear Jesus in heaven. I just pray that these people wake up, Lord. That they see that our nation, the very men who made our constitution, they were believing, they believed in you as Lord and savior. These men did not expect our country to have this happen. I just pray that you forgive us, Lord.”

Watch the spectacular rant below