Watch: Anti-gay marriage activists cry in ridiculous ad

Anti-gay campaigners have released an ‘inspirational’ video opposing same-sex marriage, in which people literally cry about how ‘oppressed’ they are.

The video from CatholicVote – which is shot in black-and-white with sentimental piano music over the top – sees a number of people ‘come out’ against equality.

One woman says: “I am a little bit nervous about people, kind of, hearing that I am this way and then thinking, well, she’s not welcome here.”

Blinking back tears in the video, she ventures “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Another man adds: “Most people probably think I’m already weird anyway, so I don’t think society’s impression of me is going to change drastically based on one or two discoveries that come to light after this video.

He adds: “At the end of the day, I think we don’t need to be ashamed of how we really feel about things.

“I love my friends, several of them happen to be gay. I happen to know what marriage is, and I don’t see how it could change.”

The video has already attracted ridicule and parody – with nearly 30,000 dislikes on YouTube.

The group behind the original clip, ‘Catholic’ Vote, probably wouldn’t be too thrilled with a poll that shows US Catholics are actually more likely than the average person to be willing to attend a same-sex wedding.