George Lopez leads crowd in chanting gay slur at Donald Trump

George Lopez has led a crowd in chanting an anti-gay slur at Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

The incident took place during a performance by Lopez at Phoeix’s Celebrity Theatre at the weekend.

Referring to controversial comments made about migrants in the US, particularly from South America, Lopez said: “This country is better with Latinos in it.”

Lopez, who is tipped to replace Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, then led the crowd in chanting the homophobic slur “puto”, which roughly translates to the word “faggot”, and is widely used as a derogatory term for gay men.

A fan captured the whole thing on video, during which fans chant “f*** that puto”.

Trump, who has made a series of controversial comments started off by claiming that Mexican immigrants include “rapists” and bring “drugs and crime” – and insisted he believe in ‘traditional’ marriage despite being married three times.

It was later alleged that the reality TV star – who has already been sacked by NBC – paid actors $50 each to pretend to support him at his Presidential launch.

Mexican artist Fernando Sosa – who has previously made a Vladimir Putin butt plug – last week created one dedicated to Mr Trump.


Watch it below