Fear not, this man has a plan to stop same-sex marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

After a comprehensive defeat at the Supreme Court, anti-gay groups are showing no signs of giving up their crusade.

Following the highest court in the US ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, rights activists are so secure in the verdict that lobbying group Freedom to Marry has announced it is closing its doors.

However, anti-gay marriage group National Organisation for Marriage has no plans to do the same – and the group has instead outlined its master plan of how to re-ban same-sex marriage.

In a document asking supporters for $500,000 in donations obtained by PinkNews, NOM President Brian Brown unveiled his cunning new plan to stop gay couples from tying the knot.

Mr Brown’s five-point plan is:

Step 1. Elect a homophobic President

No, really – NOM’s top one priority is to “Elect a pro-marriage President of the United States in 2016”.

There’s no lack of choice among the Republican candidates – from Rick Santorum to Mike Huckabee to Ted Cruz – so the group will struggle to find just one homophobe to back.

Step 2. Make sure the Republican Party is dominated by anti-gay politicians

While some senior Republican figures are signalling they have given up their opposition to same-sex marriage entirely, NOM’s plan is to try and polarise politics further and try to stay relevant.

The group says it will “hold the Republican Party and its representatives accountable to the American people when it comes to marriage.”

Step 3. Pass a law through Congress allowing anti-LGBT discrimination

We’re not exactly sure how this fits into the plan at all, really, but NOM wants the Republicans to pass the “First Amendment Defense Act” – that would allow religious people to discriminate against LGBT people without fear of repercussion.

It says it will “ensure Congress and state Legislatures move swiftly to pass the First Amendment Defense Act to prevent any government agency from discriminating against people or institutions that believe that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.”

Step 4. ???

Okay, we’re not sure what this one actually means. NOM’s roadmap says that step four is to “Build and strengthen a grassroots movement that is pro-marriage”.

You mean this entire time they haven’t been ‘building a movement’? And are just thinking about doing this now?

Step 5. Amend the Constitution to void all same-sex weddings

Using its new super-homphobic President and super-homophobic Congress, NOM will use its new-found control of two branches of government to overrule the Supreme Court, by amending the Constitution.

Quite how they plan to get a two-thirds majority in both the House and the Senate is left to your imagination – but step five is to “support actions to amend the Constitution to repeal this illegitimate decision by a bare majority of justices”.

And that’s it.