Westboro Baptist Church warned to stay away from Lafayette funerals

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Governor of Louisiana has warned the infamous church against picketing funerals of victims of the recent shooting massacre.

Last week, gunman John Houser killed two people whilst leaving a further nine wounded, during a screening of Amy Schumer’s new film Trainwreck.

It was later revealed that Houser was an adamant Hitler supporter and believed that the Westboro Baptist Church was “the last real church in America”.

In responses to the shootings, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has warned the WBC not to picket the funerals of victims Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson.

He said in a statement: “Any action by any individual or group to in any way disrupt, interfere, or cause additional suffering during this time of mourning is unconscionable and morally reprehensible.

“In times of grief and mourning, the rule of law is especially important to protect the rights of citizens when they are most vulnerable,” he added.

The Westboro Baptist Church has replied to Jindal’s comments on social media, tweeting: “We have a commission to preach ‘Repent or Perish'”, whilst also justifying the crime as part of God’s “crusade”.

Of course, this isn’t the first time WBC has taken to social media to spread their beliefs.

After the Irish vote for same-sex marriage, JK Rowling tweeted her jubilation, before joking that Dumbledore and Gandalf could now get married in the country.

WBC responded to the author by threatening to picket the imaginary wedding.

“Alas, the sheer awesomeness of such a union in such a place would blow your tiny bigoted minds out of your thick sloping skulls”, Rowling crushingly responded.

The two wizards (in the form of paid actors) actually got married just across from the Westboro Baptist Church outside the Planting Peace and Equality House, which opened in 2013.