The real Alex Vause thinks OITNB looks like ‘total fiction’

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The woman on which the character Alex Vause is based on in Orange is the New Black has said she thinks the relationships in the series are “total fiction”.

Cleary Wolters, on who the Vause character is based, says in this preview of a Security Brief interview that the show made prison look “like a lesbian bed-and-breakfast”.


Wolters says in the video that she “probably would have stayed” if reality was more like that which was portrayed on screen.

The hit Netflix series is based on Piper Kerman’s account of being incarcerated for money laundering and drug trafficking charges.


Laura Prepon, who plays popular lesbian character Vause on the show – recently made a series of strange statements during an interview with a Scientology lifestyle magazine.

Watch the clip of Wolters below:

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