Film explores what it means to ‘sound gay’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A documentary is looking at what it means to “sound gay”, and explores prejudice from within the gay community against those who sound more effeminate.

‘Do I Sound Gay’ follows David Thorpe, who found himself feeling anxious about “sounding gay”, so decided to get investigate where the anxiety comes from.

Enlisting the help of a speech therapist, and perspectives from people such as George Takei, Dan Savage, Time Gunn, Margaret Cho and David Sedaris, Thorpe attempts to get over his own issues around his “gay voice”.

The film opened the New York Documentary Festival and was part of the selection in the Toronto Film Festival.

According to the film’s description: “This documentary attempts to answer an often unexpressed and vulnerable question in many of our minds: ‘do I sound gay?'”

The trailer for the documentary is below