Do you sound gay? Deconstructing the ‘gay’ voice

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Why do gay people sound they way they do… and why does a ‘gay’ voice exist?

Those topics are explored in new documentary Do I Sound Gay?, which is airing in the UK this month.

The new film follows the journey of David Thorpe, a man confronting his anxiety about “sounding gay”.

Enlisting the help of his speech therapist, who hilariously has him working on his nasality and long vowels, Thorpe begins to unpack his own personal story through honest conversations with his family and friends of how, why and when his voice became “gay”.

Along the way, he candidly questions the wider cultural issues concerning sexuality and self-esteem, especially the inherent fear of “sounding gay”.

The film features a number of famous gay faces and voices – from George Takei to columnist Dan Savage, comedian Margaret Cho to fashion guru Tim Gunn

In addition, he maps out a history of the “gay voice” ranging from classic movie icons to notable cartoon villains.

The film, which previously opened the New York Documentary Festival, is heading to UK cinemas this month, exploring the root cause of ‘sounding’ gay.

Watch the clip below?