Heroic drag queen pulls man from burning car

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A drag queen saved a man’s life – after pulling him from a burning car moments before it exploded.

Miami drag queen Elaine Lancaster became a true drag hero after the incident in Greece on Friday night.

The performer was on her way to the @54 Club in Mykonos, where she is performing alongside fellow queens Roxy Brooks and Lady Bunny.

However, when she saw a car in front of her house that had started to burn, she raised alarm – urging people to leave.

She told the Miami Herald: “I could smell they were burning the clutch.

“I said to the guy, ‘The car is on fire — I smell it.’ The girl says, that’s OK, OK. I said, ‘No, I see flames.’.”

The female driver and one passanger left the vehicle when she shouted warnings – but one man seemed shocked and failed to leave.

Lancaster recalled: “The guy in the back seat opens the door and gets out of the car. The guy on the passenger side, he sees fire coming out of the hood.

It’ss almost like he hypnotized… he’s frozen. He keeps staring at the hood.”

“I ran up the stairs and hopped over a little wall to get to the passengers side. The window as halfway down.

“I reached in and pushed his seat belt button. I opened the car door and grabbed him by the arm. He stood up in a daze.

She added:”He snapped out of it in the house and said, ‘You saved my life.”

Within minutes, the car was completely engulfed in flames.

Drag sister Roxy Brooks shared the story – labelling Lancaster a “Mykonos SHERO” for the dramatic rescue.