Watch: Gay TV host’s reaction goes viral after he discovers hot chef is unmarried

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A TV host who dropped his fork after finding out an attractive chef was unmarried has become a viral sensation.

The incident occurred during a cooking segment on Monday’s edition of local news show Better Connecticut – when host Scot Haney was visibly swooning over local restaurant owner Ryan Durant.

Chatting during the cooking segment, Haney asked him: “You are married, though, right Ryan?”

When Durant replied “No, I’m not”, Haney looked visibly shocked and dramatically dropped his fork – becoming a viral sensation for the reaction.

The show returned to the incident later in the week, after a Buzzfeed article claimed Haney was “thirsty” for the chef.
He explained: “I don’t understand that! Buzzfeed… apparently if you make Buzzfeed, you’re doing something right.

“[Ryan] is probably one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen, and I thought he had a wife, and he didn’t.”

“I was trying to let the old women in the audience know that he was taken, and then all of a sudden he wasn’t, and I was like ‘guuuuuuh!’.

He added to his co-host: “But then you recovered nicely for the both of us, because I just walked off stage.”

However, he was still confused by the terminology.

“Thirsty, is that some kind of a kid term? I would say hungry. I was hungry.”