Lesbian couple attacked at US theme park for kissing

A young lesbian couple were subjected to a brutal attack at Six Flags New England in Massachusetts.

Two women –  Damarielys Mukhtar, 29 & Nikia L Butt, 27– have been arrested and charged with assault and battery. Mukhtar has also been charged for having a knife on her during the attack.

The Republican reports that the couple, aged 18 and 19, were kissing and hugging outside the theme park when they noticed Mukhtar staring in their direction.

One of the girls asked Mukhtar if she had a problem. She told them that she didn’t and was simply waiting on her child. Mukhtar went on to say: “I wouldn’t care about your gay asses anyway.

When the couple proceeded to walk away, Mukhtar began hurling homophobic insults at them.

When the girls challenged Mukhtar, she began punching them in the face. One of the girls was kicked to the ground. It was at this point that Butt began assaulting the couple.

The couple alleges that Mukhtar took the three-inch knife from her pocket and brandished it at them.

The assault ended when a crowd began to gather. Butt and Mukhtar attempted to flee the scene but were later apprehended at a car park where they were identified by the victims.

The two victims are students at Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island and are thought to have suffered only minor injuries.