This guy’s brother in law thought a space hopper would turn his son gay

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An ex-Mormon has complained that his sister’s husband rejected a space hopper-style toy he bought for his nephew, because he thought it looks like a penis.

Reddit user ‘themormoncult‘ posted his story yesterday on the site, which has since gained a lot of attention.

Explaining that he is a former member of the Mormon church, the user wrote that he disagreed that the toy, available on Amazon, looked like a penis.

He wrote: “That is how riled up Mormons are about homosexuality. I think they believe I’m trying to push a “gay agenda” by getting a 7 year old a hot dog to bounce on.”

Going on, he wrote: “It never crossed my mind that it looked like a penis because I’m no longer a sexually suppressed Mormon cult member.”

Plenty of Reddit users came forward to air their thoughts on the issue, but most agreed that the toy does not look like an actual penis.

One commenter wrote: “Your BIL looked at that toy and somehow saw a phallus? Hot damn, Freud would have a heydey with this guy.”

Another astutely noted: “Your brother in law must have a very small penis.”

In a later reply, the original poster wrote: “That nephew is very artsy and likes to wear rainbow bow ties to church. I think my BIL is freaked out inside that my nephew is gay. He is acting like Homer Simpson in that episode when he tries to make sure Bart doesn’t turn gay. If my nephew was gay, that would be awesome and I would love him just the same. But he is 7, so who cares if he is or isn’t. 🙂 I love him the same no matter what.