Former pastor comes out, apologises for anti-gay past

A former pastor apologised for past anti-gay remarks and came out as bisexual in a post on Reddit.

The man, who identifies himself as worrymonk on the post, apologised to the LGBT community for his past actions – which he admits were contrary to his true feelings.

“I almost feel like I owe a debt to the LGBT community, or an apology perhaps,” he wrote.

“I spent years as an evangelical pastor, and as I’m sure we’re all aware, this didn’t afford me a lot of freedom in neither my sexuality, nor the worldviews [sic] I projected.

“I always felt strange, almost wrong, telling teenagers that “homosexuality is wrong” and quoting other things that I was taught to quote to discredit the freedom of sexual expression or gender identification.”

The user also shared the regret he feels for encouraging young people to take an anti-gay stance: “The one thing that has torn at my heart is that I taught and encouraged a younger generation to have a negative worldview of any LGBT individual or organization.

“I fight back tears now as I regret that there are some who grew passionate about opposing this wonderful group of individuals.”

He admits that he left his position as a pastor last year “because I couldn’t hide that I can no longer support many of their perspectives.”

It was at this point that he felt comfortable to be his true self – so he came out as bisexual.

“When I left the church, everyone turned their back on me,” he says. “Including my now ex-wife, who discovered that I am attracted to men and women equally.

“I’m on course to genuinely love people and accept all walk of life from here on, and LGBT individuals need more people to turn to the rainbow side.”

His message to anyone who reads his words now is simply: “I love you for who you are.”

With so many religious figures saying hateful things about LGBT people, it is refreshing to see someone take responsibility for their past actions and attempt to live a more authentic life.