Woman allegedly stabs girlfriend to death after rejected proposal

A woman is on the run in Kolkata after allegedly stabbing her girlfriend to death for rejecting her proposal of marriage.

The 23-year-old woman, identified only as Mandira, is said to have stabbed her 17-year-old girlfriend Rinki Shaw “several times” at a railway station in the Garden Reach area of Kolkata.

Rinki was found by residents of the area and she was taken to BNR hospital, where was she was pronounced dead on arrival.

It is being reported that Mandira’s proposal was rejected because her girlfriend had already been arranged to marry a man.

Police officers refused to identify the couple’s relationship as a romantic one: “Rinki’s relatives told us they were good friends for years. But recently Mandira started to disturb her continuously asking to stay with her permanently,” one officer said. 

“Rinki was not comfortable with that. After Mandira came to know about the marriage, she began threatening her with dire consequences.”

Rinki’s brother reports seeing Mandira hanging around outside his sister’s home on the night of the attack:

“He rushed home and warned Rinki about Mandira before heading for his evening tuition,” the officer continued.

Police are still searching for Mandira