‘Without a Trace’ star: Australia shouldn’t be behind the US on gay marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Actor Anthony LaPaglia has some harsh words for Australia about a lack of marriage equality there.

The ‘Without a Trace’ star weighed in on the slow process of legalising same-sex marriages.

“If the United States beats Australia to making gay marriage legal, you’re in trouble,” he said.

“It says a lot about the current administration here.”

LaPaglia is back in Australia to promote the screen adaptation of ‘Holding the Man’, a memoir of gay activist Timothy Conigrave.

The star plays the father of an Australian rules team who has a 15-year long relationship with the author.

The Emmy winner said he was shocked that Australia was falling behind on the issue, noting moves forward and growing support around the world.

“It just shocks me that we are culturally behind like that,” LaPaglia said.

“Denying people their rights is like trying to fight your way against a rip tide,” he went on.

“You hear a lot of s*** being thrown out against the US, but we need to look here,” LaPaglia continued.

“We should be a much more progressive country than we are.”

His words come as thousands took to the streets of Australia to push for same-sex marriage, across various cities.

The marches come ahead of the resuming of the federal parliament this week, after which a cross-party bill for same-sex marriage will be introduced.

Rallies have already taken place this year, to push for MPs to be given a free vote on the issue.

Same-sex marriage has proven difficult in Australia, and Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a staunch opponent.

Voices from across the political spectrum are loudening in the calls for the legalisation of marriage equality.