What do trans people really think of Caitlyn Jenner? (VIDEO)

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A group of trans people have voiced their opinions on the star’s recent transition in a new video.

Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to speak publicly about her transition has earned her plenty of praise – as has her new TV show, I Am Cait and blog – in which aims to shine a spotlight on other trans people and the struggles they face.

However, as a new video reveals, some members of the trans community are still extremely apprehensive and even angry about the impact that the former Olympian’s very-public transition has had – and continues to have – on the community.

Speaking to Cut.com – as part of its word association series “One Word” – a group of trans people were asked to answer honestly and openly about what they really thought of the reality star.

“Affection,” says one participant, before explaining that “as far as a new influential voice, for me, as a person of gender nonconformity, I think she’s welcome”.

Others praise Jenner as a “goddess” and a “trendsetter” – noting that she has helped to encourage more trans people feel accepted by not being “ashamed of who they are”.

Another highlighted her conservative political views, labelling her as a “Republican”, after the star’s friends voiced their worries after she expressed her conservative political views last week.

However, not all responses were positive – with some participants attacking the star’s wealth and privilege – and others accusing her of being out of touch with the common trans person.

“People just don’t realise that it’s not that easy,” one person explains.

“I know for me, I had to fight to get my surgery, and I didn’t have that kind of money.”

“So, you know, it came down to the point where I told my mom it was either the surgery or I would end my life because I couldn’t live like this anymore.”

“Ew, ew! No!” says another.

“If I have one more cis [non-transgender] person telling me how they understand us because they saw a short documentary about Caitlyn Jenner. Just no, get out of town.”

Watch the full video below.