Could the next Mayor of London be gay?

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An overwhelming number of Londoners have said they would be more than happy to see a gay mayor running the city, according to a new poll.

LBC Radio found a whopping 71% of the 1,100 adults surveyed would be comfortable if the mayor was gay, compared to just 16% who would be uncomfortable.

However, the current leaders in the race to succeed current mayor Boris Johnson are former Labour’s Dame Tessa Jowell and Conservative Zac Goldsmith – who are both heterosexual.

Andrew Boff – a Conservative member of the London Assembly – is the only openly gay candidate on the Tory short-list.

Richard Hendron – who organised the controversial UKIP contingent at this year’s Pride in London Parade – is also thought to be in the running for his party’s nomination.

Ivan Massow – the Conservative gay rights campaigner – failed to make the short-list.

Dame Tessa is currently edging ahead of the Tory MP in the polls, with 53% of Londoner’s saying the would prefer a Labour leader, while 47% prefer Conservative.

Others running for the role include Sadiq Khan, Dianne Abbott, David Lammy, Gareth Thomas and Christian Wolmar.

Earlier today, ITV news received heavy criticism for their coverage of the results after they tweeted: “Gay Mayor or Muslim mayor? Which would you prefer running your city?”

Could the next Mayor of London be gay?

“Is this what passes for journalism at @itvlondon?” asked one user.

“WHAT THE MERRY HELL?” asked another. “It isn’t snog/marry/avoid, you simplistic, reductive, prejudiced cretins.”

The news broadcaster posed the question after the poll also found that 55% of people would be happy with a Muslim mayor, but 31% would not – meaning Londoners would happier with a city leader from the LGBT community.

The tweet has since been deleted.