Dawn Porter: I am NOT Anna Richardson

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Dawn O’Porter has begged people to stop confusing her with Anna Richardson.

The TV host received a barrage of tweets last night, as Richardson’s documentary Revenge Porn aired on Channel 4.

Richardson leaked her own naked pictures to a revenge porn website for the show – leading one fan to mistakenly hail Dawn O’Porter as a “brave woman”.

O’Porter tweeted back: “I’M NOT ANNA RICHARDSON.”

Dawn Porter took the name Dawn O’Porter after marrying actor Chris O’Dowd, while Anna Richardson is in a relationship with Great British Bake Off host Sue Perkins.

Richardson has been hailed for her honesty and willingness to (literally) expose herself for the sake of her work in the documentary

Explaining that she wanted to truly experience what it was like to have pictures online, Anna Richardson – who is not Dawn O’Porter – said: “The only way I felt I was going to truly understand revenge porn was to experience it, so I decided to take some pornographic pictures of myself.”

Can you tell the difference?

“There are specific revenge porn websites where guys can upload photos without the woman’s consent, and name them.

“I uploaded them to a specific revenge porn site acting as an angry ex.”

The pictures received hundreds of thousands of hits and hateful comments.

Dawn O’Porter – who is not Anna Richardson – previously opened up about her own biggest regret, TV show ‘Dawn Goes Lesbian’, exploring the fluidity of female sexuality.

She told the Metro: “I can’t bear it! It started with the voice-over: “I’m Dawn Porter and I get quite a lot of sex.

“Every time I think about the fact that went out on TV… It was a false premise and I did it at a time when I didn’t know how to say no to people.”