Doctor sacked for calling gay people ‘perverts’

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A GP has been removed from an ethics committee after he claimed LGBT people were an “abomination”.

Israel’s Medical Association has removed a doctor from its ethics committee after he posted homophobic comments to an online forum for family doctors.

What Dr Sudi Namir failed to realise was that a number of his fellow participants were themselves members of the LGBT community.

Dr Namir started his diatribe by expressing his sympathy for gay people, saying he felt “sorry and pray for all those who are sick in their bodies and minds.”

However, his sympathetic tone soon changed.

“A pervert is a pervert is a pervert, you can call him whatever you want, he’s a pervert,” he declared, before mourning the loss of a past in which blatant homophobia was perfectly acceptable.

“All the abominations of yesterday have become today’s norm.”

Dr Namir made the comments after some in the forum expressed their support for the LGBT community, stating is was not wrong and was a normal part of some people’s nature.

The comments were made as part of a discussion surrounding the issue of same-sex parenting and surrogacy.

When challenged on the post, Dr Namir told Arutz Sheva Israel National News that the comments supporting the gay community conflicted with his strict religious views.

“I expressed myself very forcefully and said that today, same-sex couples are the limit, but it can reach worse deviations, since secular morality has no border and lacks a strong value system like we have from the Torah,” he said.

“There is no doubt that it can lead to legitimacy for horrible things.”

Dr Namir says that although he immediately apologised to the other doctors for the forcefulness he used when sharing his view, he would not apologise for the view itself.

“Once I became aware of the matter, I wrote a letter of apology to those I had offended,” he said, “but I emphasised that we will not be tolerant toward this phenomenon and we will fight for the sanctity of this land, for the purity of family.”

Labelling the LGBT “phenomenon” as “filth”, Namir blamed the United States for “the ugliness and abomination”.

“They want to bring the filth that began in the United States to Israel.

There is no doubt that what this limited community wants is to fight for legitimacy, for ugliness and abomination and we will not let this happen.”

Earlier this week, an Israeli MP refused to respond to criticism – after referring to a Pride event as an “abomination parade”.

Earlier this month a 16-year-old girl died and five other people were wounded, after an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man went on a stabbing rampage during Jerusalem’s Pride parade.

However, rather than respond to the issue sensitively, right-wing MK Bezalel Smotrich of the Jewish Home party refused to stop referring to it as an “abomination parade”.

He also claimed that gay people control the media, saying: “Among those who hold the microphone and determine for all of us what we should think and what we should say, a very large number are [gay].”