Man accuses police of homophobic Pride attack

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A man claims police broke his ribs and yelled homophobic abuse at him as he left Pride parade celebrations.

Jacob Alejandro claims officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) pushed him to the ground as he left New York City’s Pride parade last year – breaking his ribs and then yelling a homophobic insult at him, a new lawsuit claims.

Mr Alejandro says he was walking down Christopher Street – the birthplace of the gay rights movement – in the city’s West Village, when a police officer “pushed him to the ground, injuring his elbows and left arm.

“While Mr. Alejandro lay on the ground bleeding, a defendant officer yelled, “Get the f*ck up, you faggot,” the lawsuit states.

Officers then piled on top of him and dragged him to the nearest police station. He was later charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, before being released.

After his release, he went to hospital, where he was diagnosed with fractured ribs, The New York Post reports.

According to the police report, openly gay Mr Alejandro jumped over a police barricade and then flailed his arms when officers tried to arrest him – however, all charges against him were later dropped.

Discussing his reasons for pursuing compensation, Mr Alejandro said: “I have seen too much bias and bigotry from NYPD officers – and I hope my case makes a difference.”

His solicitor, Baree Fett, said, “There is something particularly vulgar about discriminatory anti-gay conduct from police officers working at a gay pride event.

“This lawsuit is about obtaining a measure of justice for Jacob.”

Last month, a gay man from Staten Island said he is suing the NYPD over a violent beating after he was dragged out of his home.

Louis Falcone said officers from the NYPD officers dragged him from his home and violently attacked him on 19 June, after they arrived to investigate a noise complaint.