James Franco ‘ex-gay’ biopic to be shown at Moscow film festival

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A film starring James Franco about the life story of an gay rights, turned ‘ex-gay’ activist will be shown in Moscow.

The film ‘I am Michael’, will be shown at the Amfest Film Festival.

The film, about Michael Glatze, follows the gay rights activist who turned to advocate for the controversial practice of ‘gay conversion’ therapy.

It stars Franco, as well as out gay Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto.

The festival is sponsored by the US Embassy, and takes place in Moscow and St Petersburg.

Some have hailed the move as part of President Obama’s push for LGBT equality.

Others have noted that showing the film in a public setting could go against Russia’s federal law banning the ‘promotion of non-traditional sexual relations’ to minors.

James Franco recently spoke of the ex-gay activist he portrays in the film, saying those behind the film tried not to “vilify” him.

The film ‘I am Michael’ will portray the life of Michael Glatze, who as a young man edited Young Gay America magazine, before in later life renouncing homosexuality and marrying a woman.

James Franco stars in the lead role, and Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto, who came out as gay in 2011, has signed on to the film to play Glatze’s ex-boyfriend, while Emma Roberts will star as his female ‘love’ interest. The independent film is directed and co-written by Justin Kelly and produced by Gus Van Sant.