Colourful Stonewall film poster released

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A new poster for the LGBT rights drama Stonewall has arrived – and its a little hard to miss.

The new hot pink poster carries the tagline “Where pride began,” and shows cast members — including Jeremy Irvine, Jonny Beauchamp, Otoja Abit, and Vladimir Alexis — marching arm in arm.

Colourful Stonewall film poster released

Director Roland Emmerich said the new poster was inspired by a famous photo of the Gay Liberation Front from 1970.

“It perfectly captures the triumphant, jubilant feeling of the time,” he told Out Magazine.

The poster has been seen by some as a response to the criticism of the film’s recent trailer – which was accused of “whitewashing” the 1969 Stonewall Riots – by depicting a more diverse, “inclusive” image of the cast.

Following the release of the first trailer – which is based on the birth of the gay rights movement – thousands of LGBT people announced plans to boycott the film.

Openly gay director Emmerich has come under fire amid claims he has ignored the real-life drag queens and trans women of colour who are credited with starting the historic events.

Last week, activists painted The Gay Liberation Monument – white lacquer sculptures placed opposite the venue to commemorate the riots – brown and dressed them in dark wigs and colourful clothing, in a bid to reflect the true style and identity of Stonewall-era trans women.

Both Jeremy Irvine – who plays the lead in the film – and Emmerich have released statements on social media defending the film.