Do 56k people really think penises can ‘convert’ lesbians?

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Over fifty thousand people have apparently upvoted an online definition of a penis as something used to “convert” lesbians.

The definition was provided by Urban Dictionary, which is known for offensive definitions.


It reads: “[Penis:] The tool used to wean and convert lesbians and virgins into useful, productive members of society.”

And an example used in a sentence is: “The lesbian babe saw the light and became straight when a real penis penetrated her vaginal lips.”

The definition, one of many, has been upvoted by users 55,583 times, but has also received over 27,544 downvotes.

The number two definition reads: “Someone looking up the word “penis” at this site.”

And the third: “One of two things men keep after a divorce.”

In case you were wondering, the second thing is apparently his soul.


Another reads: “A body organ used for urination, sexual pleasure, and for making important life desisions.”

The lesbophobic definition is the top out of 443 total definitions of the word “penis”, and was added in April 2003.

The second definition has received over ten thousand less upvotes.

As comic as the Urban Dictionary definition might be, LGBT people around the world, particularly lesbians, are still often subjected to “corrective rape”.

In various African countries, there have been recent campaigns against corrective rape, which remains a problem.

Several years ago in the US, a judge was accused of advocating corrective rape, after he said in an interview that lesbians should be allowed to serve in the military because straight male soldiers could “convert” them.