God could give Obama leprosy for putting up rainbow lights, pundit claims

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God is very angry with Barack Obama for putting up rainbow lights at the White House, according to one anti-gay pundit.

Tony Perkins, the leader of anti-LGBT hate group the Family Research Council, made the claim months after the White House was illuminated with rainbow lights, to celebrate the Supreme Court verdict on same-sex marriage.

Despite having two and a half months to get over it, Perkins is still very upset – and apparently thinks God is as well.

Perkins ranted about the President, comparing him to the Biblical figure King Uzziah, who God struck down with leprosy for being prideful.

According to Right Wing Watch, he said at a meeting of pastors: “The Sunday morning after that decision… the parallel between Judah under King Uzziah and America under Barack Obama struck me.”

He added: “What struck me was that on the eve of this Supreme Court decision, on June 26, if you watched the news you saw that the president had bathed the White House in the colours of the so-called gay pride.

“The parallel between the pride of Uzziah and the pride of our national leader shaking his fist in the face of God was stark and alarming.”

It’s interesting that Perkins thinks God would be upset about a rainbow – as other anti-gay pastors previously threw their weight behind a Christian song ‘reclaiming’ the rainbow.