Hooray! Steve Grand said yes, and is going to the Marine Corps Ball

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Country singer Steve Grand has promptly responded to an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball – and he said yes!

US Marine Tanner White earlier this week asked ‘All American Boy’ Steve Grand to the 2015 Marine Corps Ball in a YouTube video.


He said yes!

White said: “This video is for the All-American boy, Steve Grand. Steve, you are an amazing singer. I’ve seen some of your blog videos and they were awesome.

“I would like for you to go with me to the 2015 Marine Corps ball in Wilmington, North Carolina as my date. Hopefully you say yes. If not, it was worth a shot.”

Grand has responded with his own video responding to Sergeant White, saying he would be “honoured” to attend the ball in November.

He says: “I want to say that I’m honoured to accept your invitation to be your date at the Marine Corps Ball this November. Thank you so much for your service to this country and I look forward to a really fun evening with you in November.”

Watch the acceptance video below:

Grand – who rose to fame when after self-funding his own album – was sent to “gay conversion” therapy by his parents when they discovered he was gay when he was in eighth grade.


Sergeant White invited Steve Grand in a YouTube video

Following the viral success of his singles All-American Boy and Stay, the country star admitted he did not know where his fame would take him, but that he could “die a happy man” after having spoken to people through his music.