Out footballer ‘to donate eggs’ after IVF sperm donor helped her have kids with partner

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Arsenal player Casey Stoney says she will donate her eggs for IVF – after welcoming children with her female partner with help from an anonymous sperm donor.

The former England captain came out as gay last year, becoming one of the highest-profile women in football to come out.

The player welcomed twins Teddy and Tilly via IVF with her partner Megan Harris late last yea – and the family appeared together publicly for the first time last week, on the Victoria Derbyshire Show.

Speaking to the Telegraph about the family’s journey, the player revealed that her partner went through several rounds of IVF. Ms Harris was inseminated using an anonymous donor’s sperm – but it took months of trying before she finally conceived.

The footballer told the newspaper: “There’ll always be people who question whether same sex couples have the right to have children. There are challenges around people who don’t necessarily believe in what you’re doing.

“My statement to them would be: we’ve gone through an awful lot to have these children. They’re so loved and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us. I believe it doesn’t matter what your family looks like.”

She added: “I think it’s a great thing if you can enable people to have a family. I want to donate my eggs one day. I think more people should come forward and donate.

“Everyone should have a right to have a family.”

Of the decision to have her partner carry the children, Stoney said: “I couldn’t have carried on playing for England if I was going to have a baby and it wasn’t even a decision that needed discussing.”