Apparently Doritos are ‘Christian bashers’ for making rainbow edition

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A Christian lobbying group with has claimed that Doritos are “Christian bashers” who are are “promoting homosexuality” – because they released a special rainbow edition.

Doritos last week unveiled a special rainbow-coloured edition, including multi-coloured tortilla chips, as part of the brand’s partnership with right activist Dan Savage’s It Gets Better foundation.

The crisps, which came in the colours of the Pride flag, were only available via a $10 donation to It Gets Better – but after the campaign went viral online, they quickly sold out.
Apparently Doritos are ‘Christian bashers’ for making rainbow edition
However, an influential right-wing group has claimed that the crisps are now engaged of the “promotion” of homosexuality.

The American Family Association made the claim in an email to supporters just days before seven Republican Presidential candidates including Donald Trump speak at the Values Voters Summit, co-sponsored by the AFA.

An ‘ActionAlert’ sent from the AFA claims: “This company [Doritos] joins the Christian bashers”

The AFA claims: “The latest assault on Christian values comes from a company you’d never guess. Frito-Lay has designed “Dorito Rainbows” chips along with a rainbow colored bag, all for the cause of promoting homosexuality.

“The rainbow colored chips will be mailed to anyone who gives $10 or more to the LGBT “It Gets Better Project” youth initiative. The organization was started by the notorious anti-Christian extremist Dan Savage.
Apparently Doritos are ‘Christian bashers’ for making rainbow edition

It continues: Not only is Frito-Lay promoting homosexuality among teens, but it is backing the agenda of one of the most anti-Christian bullies in America.

Frito-Lay knows very well that by doing so, it is condoning open hatred and animosity towards people of faith, especially Christians. By making “Dorito Rainbows,” the company is showing its true colors.