Someone made a game in which you scrub naked men in the shower

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A video game developer has made a game to help gay men live out their locker room fantasies.

Indie game developer Robert Yang made artistic project ‘Rinse and Repeat’,. in which the objective is to help naked hunky men in the shower.
Someone made a game in which you scrub naked men in the shower

Riffing off gay porn, the abstract game  – available for free on PCs and Mac – grades players on how thoroughly and consistently they help scrub their naked heterosexual hunk’s different body areas, from his back to his abs to his bum.

Writing on his blog, Yang – who also made BDSM simulator Hurt Me Plenty and erotic car game Stick Shift explains: “This game plays on the ‘locker room / shower’ genre of gay male porn.

“For the uninitiated, the basic fantasy is this: imagine you’re a dude who just finished doing something manly, like Sports or something, and now you’re showering with other naked dude(s).

“Then someone compliments a body or notices ‘something’, one thing leads to another, and then latent man-on-man lust boils over into risky semi-public sex acts.

“Older gay men understand this in a tradition of cruising and gay bathhouses, while younger gay men might narrativize it more as a reversal of bullying dynamics in high school gym.”
Someone made a game in which you scrub naked men in the shower
He adds: “Above all, the locker room is understood normally as a place of danger, where you could be discovered or outed or beaten for ‘looking at someone the wrong way’ even if you were just minding your own business — and there’s nowhere to hide, not even in your own clothes.

“So as a porn genre, it is basically a fantasy about everyday consent and safety.

“Not just the consent to have weird exciting uncomfortable sex on a tile floor, but also the consent to be able to shower and use public facilities While Being Gay. What if we actually did what homophobes are so irrationally afraid of us doing?”

Every time you enter the game, the hunk will be willing to let you do slightly more – though in true artistic style you have to log in at allocated real-world times to find him.

Yang explains: “Waiting is an act of submission, but that’s not really a bad thing. Delayed gratification is an integral part of pacing that can enrich an experience; you can’t feel a drop without a build-up.”