Why are there more bisexual women than bisexual men?

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Men are less likely to be bisexual than women and men are five times more likely to be gay than bisexual, research has revealed.

The news comes from the UK’s Office for National Statistics, which released data this week from the Integrated Household Survey, which asked thousands of adults across the UK about their sexuality.

The study found that across all adults 1.1% of the population identify themselves as gay or lesbian, and 0.5% identify as bisexual.

However, the ONS found that women were twice as likely to identify themselves as bisexual when compared to men, with 0.7% compared to just 0.3%

This roughly correlates with a US study conducted earlier this year which showed women were around three times more likely to be bisexual than men because they have a more fluid approach to sexuality.

The data also showed that 1.5% of men identify themselves as gay – five times more than those who identify as bisexual, a figure which stood at just 0.3%.

Interestingly the survey also showed that women were equally as likely to identify themselves as bisexual as they are to identify as gay or lesbian, with both figures at 0.7%.

It also shows that women are half as likely to identify as gay than men, however.

The ONS found that 92.8 percent of people still identify as heterosexual when only given the labels to choose from – despite a survey finding earlier this year that nearly half of young people do not rank themselves ‘exclusively heterosexual’ when asked to put themselves on a numbered scale of sexuality.

Other data showed that people who live in London are over twice as likely to identify as LGB compared to those in Scotland and people are more likely to be gay in managerial roles compared to other roles.