Most of us can learn something from this 12-year-old’s paper on gay marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Sometimes we can all learn something from our children – this paper written by a 12-year-old on gay marriage is pretty inspiring.

This 12-year-old has written a thought-provoking and honest look at other children’s opinions on same-sex marriage.


Posted on Facebook by her gay uncle, this letter was written by Leigha, for her Modern Studies class.

She explored opinions on same-sex marriage for the class, with some encouraging results!

“On Friday night or the night I am writing this I went or am going to the youth cafe with some friends to find out what people think about gay and lesbian marriage.”

She goes on: “I personally think gay and lesbian marriage is a good thing and no one should be against it.

“My friend Bobbi thought that it was or is a good thing because people should be able to love who they want. My other friend Ben said he is alright with it because he is bisexual. My other friend Aimee said she approves of it.”


“Abbie in this class thought it was fine and acceptable. Cameron B said he doesn’t care about it but considers it a good thing.”

Go Leigha!