This trans teen got the shock of her life when her mom revealed her birthday cake

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When Gabrielle Diana Gladu’s mom offered to bake her a cake for her birthday, she probably didn’t think it could have this much meaning.

The trans teenager from Ontario posted the video of her with her family.


Her mom, Rose Gladu, holds a plate over the cake, while Gabrielle asks what is underneath.

Revealing the cake, which reads “Congratulations! You are now Gabrielle,” Rose explains that Gabrielle’s legal name change had taken effect.

Clearly moved, Gabrielle covers her mouth with her hands and cries, before hugging her mom.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Rose said: “I was not expecting her to get so emotional that she became speechless.

“My daughter is never speechless.”


Gabrielle said: “The moment was a confirmation that my transition mattered to my family, and they were more than happy to let me live as my true identity.

“I also couldn’t wait to eat the cake.”

Watch the moment below: