Escort jailed for blackmailing businessman over gay affair

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A gay escort blackmailed a married businessman who paid him for sex by threatening to expose their affair to his wife.

John Walker was jailed after a court heard he sent the victim’s wife a picture of her husband on a hotel bed wearing a pair of kickers.

Escort jailed for blackmailing businessman over gay affair

In the picture, he also taking drugs and watching hardcore gay pornography according to The Yorkshire Evening Post.

Leeds Crown Court heard Walker extorted almost £5,000 from his 49-year-old victim before the businessman went to the police.

David Lampitt, prosecuting, said the victim met Walker on a gay escort website and made arrangements to meet him after depositing £1,800.

The two men then met in a hotel where took ketamine, had sex and watched pornography.

However, the next day, Walker turned on his client – and threatened to expose their tryst.

The prosecutor revealed: “The defendant told the complainant that he was cheating on his wife and thought it was disgusting.

“He warned the complainant that he should be more careful with his phone and wallet because people could extort money from him.”

Walker the sent a text message later that day which read: “Ring me or I will call your wife.”

Escort jailed for blackmailing businessman over gay affair

Two days later, he sent an e-mail to the victim which contained a photograph taken in the hotel room of him wearing knickers surrounded by pornography.

Walker originally extorted £3,000 from his victim – who paid the money from his business and personal bank accounts.

Further sums were sent to Walker after he sent the victim a picture of his wife and children.

However, despite the victim’s cooperation, Walker preceded to send his wife a video of her husband in the hotel room.

Mr Lampitt said the victim then had to confess to his wife he had done, as Walker continued to make further threats.

Walker was eventually arrested after his victim went to the police.

He said he had blackmailed the victim to fund his drug addiction.

Anthony Sugare, mitigating, said: “His behaviour could be described as nasty, almost to the point of wickedness.

“But the complainant himself brought on some of this by his own foolish behaviour.”

Walker was jailed for 32 months.