Watch: Tom Daley’s biggest fan isn’t happy about him getting married

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Tom Daley’s ‘biggest fan’ just found out that the athlete is getting married… and he’s not taking it well.

The Olympic diver announced his engagement last week to his Oscar-winning screenwriter partner Dustin Lance Black.

The diver tweeted that he was super excited to get married and the pair have showed off their matching engagement rings – but some Tom Daley fans are taking it less well.

One fan uploaded a clip to YouTube to mourn his loss.

He said:  “Today I found out some news… it’s pretty shocking. It’s not something that I was expecting.”

Speaking about Daley, he says: “I love the way he smiles, I love the way he talks, I love the way he’s so tiny that I could pick him up and take him places.

“I was on Facebook today, and I found out that he’s engaged.”

He sobs: “How could you do this to me Tom? I love you, I mean I really love you… who even is this Justin Black?

“He’s just walking around like ‘I’m fighting for equality and I have an award for a movie that isn’t even that good’… you know what I have, Tom? Love.”

The video might not be all it seems, however – one commentator joked that the ‘fan’ should “be nominated for an Oscar” for his acting ability in the clip.
Watch: Tom Daley’s biggest fan isn’t happy about him getting married
Daley and Black revealed they were dating in early 2014, after Daley came out in a YouTube video in December 2013,

Tom Daley’s mother Debra revealed recently that the pair’s wedding planning will not begin until after the 2016 Olympics.