Tabloids really can’t handle the winner of Great British Bake Off

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Tabloids have got themselves worked up over who won the Great British Bake Off, after claiming “idealogical warfare” had taken over.

Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell last week took aim at the BBC One show, claiming that it is a “PC triumph”, asking if Scottish Flora lost out by not being “PC enough”.


She also suggested that finalists Nadiya and Tamal only made it to the final because of the “PC triumph”.

Finalist Tamal came out as gay last week and said he was looking for a boyfriend.

Since Nadiya was announced as the winner earlier this week, the Sun has taken it one step further, saying the fact that she won amounts to “idealogical warfare”.

Ally Ross wrote on Thursday that BBC producers “no doubt did a multi-cultural jig of politically-correct joy” when Nadiya was announced as the winner.


Thousands of tweets have been sent defending Nadiya, poking fun at the suggestions of “political correctness”.


A Sun spokesperson told The Huffington Post UK: “Ally Ross is The Sun’s TV columnist and his job is to express opinions on TV programmes that some will agree with and others will not.


“As David Cameron said yesterday: ‘Britain and Twitter are not the same thing’, which people would do well to remember.”

Sue Perkins and co-presenter Mel Giedroyc earlier this year revealed how they nearly spent a night in the cells after pulling a prank on Paul Hollywood.