These parents almost definitely regret ditching their gay son’s BEAUTIFUL wedding

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These parents are probably deeply regretful that they refused to attend their gay son’s beautiful wedding day.

K & J had sent an invitation to K’s parents to attend their special day.

However, along with the wonderful pictures of what looks like an incredibly lovely day, the pair posted a ‘no’ RSVP from K’s parents.


It reads: “Dear Son, This is Mom and I’s RSVP to your union celebration. We will not attend as you know we believe by attending we are participating in something we don’t believe in or agree with in as much as you didn’t become homosexual to hurt us intentionally, we are not attending to intentionally hurt you. We love you and will continue to pray for God to intervine [sic] in this whole situation.

“Always your Mom & Dad. Always loving you.”

Responding, K said: “Let’s just say my parents weren’t thrilled, but they really missed out.”

Based on these, we are sure they now feel they have missed out on something pretty special.

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