Gay Star Wars ad attracts haters from the dark side

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

An ad featuring same-sex couples and Star Wars seems to have upset the real-life Sith, One Million Moms.

Campbell’s Soup launched an adorable new ad campaign earlier this week, to celebrate their ‘Star Wars’ edition soup.

In the clip, real-life fathers Larry Sullivan and David Monahan take turns impersonating Darth Vader, telling their son: “I am your Father.”

Gay Star Wars ad attracts haters from the dark side
However, there’s been a disturbance in the force – and homophobes aren’t happy.

Christian campaign group One Million Moms – who despite their name have 3,224 mostly-male Twitter followers – are trying to boycott the company, for featuring a gay couple.

1MM ranted: “Obviously, Campbell’s is sending the message that homosexual men are raising children, whom they wouldn’t have if a woman wasn’t involved, and they are ok with it.

“Campbell’s Soup is glorifying this unnatural marriage. One Million Moms believes family is based on love, but this does not justify normalizing sin.

“1MM does not agree with the need for Campbell’s to support same sex marriages or couples.”

The group continues to whinge: “This is a marketing decision Campbell’s will regret. This gay-inclusive commercial is attempting to desensitize viewers.

“There is concern about the way this ad is pushing the LGBT agenda, but an even greater concern is the way that they are attempting to redefine ‘family’ and ‘real marriage’.”

Don’t worry though – true Jedi aren’t that easily tempted.

VP of Marketing Yin Woon Rani responded: “We wanted to show actual families, which means families of different configurations, cultures, races and life choices.

“The American family is changing faster than at any time in recent history and it is now a true mosaic of shapes and sizes, all bonded through love, and love of good food.”

Or, to put it another way…
Gay Star Wars ad attracts haters from the dark side

Watch the ad below: