One Million Moms trying to censor ‘morally toxic’ books featuring gay families

Puritanical campaign group One Million Moms is trying to censor children’s books featuring “morally toxic” same-sex parents.

The infamous self-appointed TV censors, who despite their name have just 3,722 mostly-male Twitter followers, launched a campaign targeting publisher Scholastic Inc.

The group took exception to Scholastic promoting books and reading lists aimed at diverse familes, including “Books for Two-Mommy Families” and “”Great books for Two-Dad Families”.

In a message to supporters, 1MM accused Scholastic of “using its platform to promote pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children”.

It said: “According to its website, Scholastic Inc. reaches 6 million children per week with its publications. It features morally toxic reading lists for children.

“Scholastic does not have our children’s best interests at heart. Tell Scholastic to stop harming children.

“Please use the information we have provided on our website to contact Scholastic, Inc. and ask that they discontinue publishing and promoting pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children.”

A pre-written email that 1MM encourages supporters to send says: “As a parent and member of, I am urging you to please discontinue publishing and promoting pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children.

“Picture books that deliberately target young children with the idea that a biological boy can become a girl are false, harmful, and confusing. I will not support a company that purposefully confuses children.”

It continues: “Scholastic is attempting to normalize gender dysphoria, which is a mental disorder that requires psychological help and not praise.

“You will not have my financial support as a consumer as long as you veer away from family-friendly material.

“I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.”

Scholastic has not yet responded.

Censorship of LGBT content in books is hardly new.

The American Library Association’s list of frequently-banned books is dominated by LGBT-themed books.

The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) receives reports from libraries, schools, and the media on attempts to ban books in communities across the country.

And their list of most-banned books features a number of LGBT-related books that homophobic and transphobic bigots have demanded removed.

Ranking at number three on the most-banned list is I Am Jazz by transgender teen author Jazz Jennings – which recounts her real-life experience of living as a trans kid, and educates and helps others.

Number four on the list is Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out, by Susan Kuklin, another book featuring young transgender people discussing their own identities.

I am Jazz

I am Jazz

Out feminist Alison Bechdel’s award-winning autobiographic comic Fun Home ranks in at 7 for purported “graphic images”, presumably referring to the depiction of her early sexual experiences with women.

Rounding out the list at number 10 is young adult novel Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan, for featuring… well, two boys kissing.

The group recently launched a Disney boycott after a popular Disney Channel show featured a gay storyline.

Season two of Andi Mack featured a boy realising he is attracted to his male best friend.

1MM claimed the show was corrupting children and enticing them into a homosexual lifestyle.

It  launched a boycott petition, asking supporters to “sign the Disney Pledge stating you will not support Disney unless they produce family-friendly entertainment”.

The petition says: “I do not agree with the adult content you are pushing on families and children in programs such as ‘Andi Mack’.

“Please cancel this controversial series immediately. You will not have my support as long as you continue to veer away from family-friendly entertainment.”

A mailout says: “Alerting all parents! Additional controversial content will be included in the Disney Channel show Andi Mack during season two, premiering Friday, October 27, at 8:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. CT.

“1MM earlier warned parents this program is not suitable for a kids’ network, and now the show is introducing the network’s first gay character.

“In a first for the Disney Channel, the show Andi Mack will spend an hour focusing on one of the main characters coming out as gay. Young teen Cyrus Goodman is a key member in the program’s cast.

“During the season two premiere, he’ll make Disney Channel history as he grapples with his feelings for another boy. And in subsequent episodes, he’ll work these feelings out along with having a new girlfriend.

“According to an article in TV Line, Disney Channel’s upcoming series Andi Mack will be Disney Channel’s ‘most adult show yet’.

“This season’s premiere episode was also screened in advance for organizations like Common Sense Media, GLAAD, and PFLAG. Disney Channel claims the aim was to craft a story that maintains its signature brand of age-appropriate storytelling while building a narrative of inclusion and kindness.”

One Million Moms added: “One might question why Disney Channel feels the need to pursue such programming. Minsky states, ‘[The network] asked me for something different. They wanted to attract an older audience’.

“Why? What is wrong with having family-friendly content that is acceptable for all ages or even leaving a couple of networks solely for children’s entertainment?

“Disney Channel is gradually becoming another Freeform Network. As one of only a few channels catering to children, it cannot possibly be that Disney Channel has a financial need for more adult viewers.”

It added: “By choosing to abandon family-friendly entertainment, Disney’s inexplicable choice to move toward more ‘adult’ fare may ultimately prove to be a huge mistake.

“Disney’s first gay kiss aired earlier this year on Disney XD’s animated series ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’. The scene took place at a concert where the band played a romantic tune that inspired many couples in the audience to kiss; a few of those couples — none of which involved a main character — were same sex.

“The Disney Channel is deliberately choosing to ‘move forward’ and promote adult content to children. By choosing to move in the direction of more ‘adult’ stories and content, the Disney Channel – and the entire Disney media empire – may be choosing to sacrifice something far more precious… children’s innocence.”