Matt Bomer ‘optimistic’ about the future of openly gay actors in Hollywood

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The openly gay actor has praised the acceptance of gay actors in Hollywood.

The Magic Mike star recently shared his thoughts on the growing inclusion of openly gay actors in major mainstream movies.

Bomer – who has seen his own star steadily rise since coming out in 2012 – said he is “amazed” at how open Hollywood is to out and proud actors and actresses.

“I think it’s great,” Bomer said.

“It’s amazing what I’ve seen happen, especially in the past five years,” he told Details Magazine.

He also praised the younger generation and their relationship with sexuality, who he says are much more open-minded – and more concerned with a person’s skills than who they are sexually attracted to.

“There is a generation growing up now that blows my mind in terms of the equanimity that they bring to every conversation that I have with them and every situation that I’m in with them,” the actor said.

Matt Bomer ‘optimistic’ about the future of openly gay actors in Hollywood

“There’s an entire generation of artists coming up who don’t really care what your personal life is.”

“They want to know what you’re going to bring to the material. So, I’m very optimistic and hopeful when it comes to the future.”

Bomer – who last year revealed that he’s been secretly married to his partner since 2011 – is currently starring opposite Lady Gaga in the fifth season of American Horror Story.

The pair caused a stir during Hotel’s opening scenes – by stripping of for a blood-soaked orgy.

Bomer previously said his character Donovan was “closely associated with Ms Gaga… and he has very interesting relationships with the lady folk in his life.”

Matt Bomer ‘optimistic’ about the future of openly gay actors in Hollywood

During a recent promotional chat for Magic Mike XXL, the actor grew annoyed after he was asked a question regarding his sexuality.

Bomer – was rather tactlessly asked whether, as an actor, he thought “audiences of gay men were harder to please than women.”

“Why would I ever try to boil down an entire community into a yes-or-no question?” he quipped.

Hollywood actor Matt Damon last week made controversial comments suggesting that gay actors do better if they hide their sexual orientation.

Damon made the comments about fellow actor Rupert Everett, suggesting he was less successful because he came out as gay.