Yoko Ono reveals John Lennon had ‘desire’ for sex with men

Yoko Ono has revealed that her late husband John Lennon had “desires” for sex with men – but was too “inhibited” to act.

The Beatles legend married Ono in 1969 – and the pair were together until Lennon’s assassination in 1980.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, the activist and singer opened up about her late husband’s sexuality 35 years on from his death, revealing the pair had very candid discussions about bisexuality.

She said: “John and I had a big talk about it, saying, basically, all of us must be bisexual. And we were sort of in a situation of thinking that we’re not [bisexual] because of society.

“So we are hiding the other side of ourselves, which is less acceptable.”

She clarified that she did not have desires to have sex with people of the same gender, but added of Lennon: “I think he had a desire to, but I think he was too inhibited.

“No, not inhibited… he said, ‘I don’t mind if there’s an incredibly attractive guy’. It’s very difficult… they would have to be not just physically attractive, but mentally very advanced too. And you can’t find people like that.”

Asked whether Lennon had sex with men, she said: “No, I don’t think so.

“The beginning of the year he was killed, he said to me, ‘I could have done it, but I can’t because I just never found somebody that was that attractive’.

“Both John and I thought it was good that people think we were bisexual, or homosexual.”

She was referring to rumours of a fling between Lennon and late Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who was open about his own sexuality.

However, she insisted that while she was “sure Brian Epstein made a move”, Lennon “just didn’t want to do it”.