Christian group wants to scrap democracy after election of married gay priest

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Anti-gay Christian group Christian Concern has called for the results of a democratic church election to be thrown out, because a gay man won.

Popular London vicar Rev Andrew Foreshew-Cain of St Mary with All Souls was elected this week to sit on the Church’s governing body, the General Synod.

The priest caused controversy last year when he defied the Church’s rules by marrying his same-sex partner, in defiance of a ban on gay clergy weddings.

He has pledged “no surrender” on equality – but evangelical groups are already calling for the election result to be thrown out and Cain “should be removed from office”.

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, who herself previously sat on the Synod, claimed: “Last year, Andrew Cain ignored biblical teaching and the clear instruction of the House of Bishops and entered into a same-sex ‘marriage’.

“Andrew Cain’s ongoing activism should no longer be tolerated. His actions are designed to undermine the Church and her teaching on marriage. His election to General Synod cannot be allowed to stand and he should be swiftly removed from church leadership.

“If he is not prepared to live according to the pattern of life that God has set out in the Bible and that the bishops have reiterated, how can he continue as a church leader, let alone sit on General Synod?
Christian group wants to scrap democracy after election of married gay priest
“If he cannot accept God’s authority, he should resign. Failing that, he should be removed from office. The current situation cannot be allowed to continue.”