Christopher Biggins: Same-sex marriage is ‘a step too far’ for me

Christopher Biggins has said he considers same-sex marriage a “step too far” for him.

The TV personality re-stated his opposition to same-sex marriage in the Sunday Times.

Biggins, who has been in a civil partnership with Neil Sinclair since 2006, opposed the introduction of equal marriage, claiming in 2012: “I’m very anti-marriages, because I think that is for heterosexual couples. We can’t get rid of everything”.
Christopher Biggins: Same-sex marriage is ‘a step too far’ for me
Speaking in the Sunday Times this week, he confirmed he had not changed his view, adding: “It’s fine for others, but calling Neil my husband is a step too far.

He added of starting a family:  I couldn’t afford children: I’d need an enormous house with wings and nannies who’d bring them to me every evening for half an hour. I’d rather have a 54in TV.”

He also spoke about people who choose to stay in the closet due to their careers.

He said: “It amazes me there are still so many sportsmen, actors, singers, politicians who won’t come out and admit what they are

“People are scared they’ll upset their fans, but the fans don’t care.

“I was at Cliff Richard’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall the other night — he gives so much pleasure. It may be to women of a certain age but that doesn’t matter. He’s a megastar.