Ex Major League Baseball star admits blackmailing closeted gay umpires

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A former Major League Baseball player has admitted using homophobia and blackmail in order to advance his career.

Lenny Dykstra admitted spending tens of thousands of dollars to hire private investigators to dig up information on umpires.

Among other things, Dykstra found out that some umpires were secretly gay, and used it against them in the form of blackmail.


In fact, using half a million dollars, he preyed on the umpires who were gay, straight, some had gambling addictions.

Speaking to The Herd with Colin Cowherd, the former sportsman said: “Their blood’s just as red as ours, some of them like women, some of them like men, some of them gamble … some of them do whatever.”

Going on, he said his use of blackmail got him ahead in the league.

He said: “It wasn’t a coincidence that I led the league in walks the next few years, was it?”

In the past, the player was accused of homophobia, racism and sexism.

Watch the interview below, if you can stand the gloating: