Sam Smith is taking a break from music to find a boyfriend

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Sam Smith has said he is taking a break from music – and will be throwing himself into the dating world instead.

The singer recorded the theme song for the latest James Bond film Spectre, which was released this month.

Following on from the success of Bond theme Writing’s On The Wall, and his debut album In the Lonely Hour last year, Smith has announced he is taking a break from music.

Revealing his break over the weekend after performing at the Hollywood Bowl, he told ET: “I am sad, but also it feels right

“It’s my last performance in America, and it feels right to do it in such a beautiful setting.

“I’ve been going now for three years nonstop and it feels right for me to just go home and just live my life and be a 23-year-old.”

The singer added that he hopes to find some romance in his time, off, saying: “My love life, the downs and ups, it never stops, so I’m always inspired by stuff like that, but it’d be good to spend some time dating.”

Smith recently said his songs could be ‘changing opinions’ in countries where being gay could get you killed – despite never mentioning male lovers in his lyrics.

He said: “I want to be a spokesperson. I want to be a figure in the gay community, who speaks for gay men.
Sam Smith is taking a break from music to find a boyfriend

“I sell records in countries where gay men get killed and that’s a big thing for me, because maybe one person in that country will pick up my album, realise it’s by a gay artist, and it might change their opinion.”