Apparently people will realise the ‘lie’ of same-sex marriage when they see ‘children suffering’

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The main pressure group opposed to same-sex marriage in the US has linked it to the “suffering” of children.

In a circular soliciting donations today, Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage outlined the group’s strategy to stop equality, claiming that “lies” would become clear about equality.

He wrote: “NOM recognized early on that the election of the next president would be a pivotal moment in determining if reversing the Supreme Court’s ruling takes several years or several decades.

“There’s no doubt that eventually the lie of same-sex marriage will make itself clear to people as they witness the reality of children suffering under a viewpoint that strips marriage of gender-complementarity and denies children the love of one of their natural parents.

“But we have the opportunity in 2016 to take a major step to avoid a 40-year battle as we’ve had to wage on life in the wake of [abortion battle] Roe v Wade, and take a decisive step toward remaking the US Supreme Court when several justices who voted to redefine marriage retire during the next presidential term, which they are expected to do.

“It could take as few as just one new Supreme Court justice to reverse the marriage decision!”

The National Organisation for Marriage failed to stop same-sex marriage becoming law in all 50 states, but still attracts a huge amount of support
from Republicans.

Four Presidential candidates have signed NOM’s pledge to void all same-sex weddings.

Seven Republican Presidential candidates – Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum – will attend a ‘traditional values’ event NOM helped organise this weekend in Iowa.

It was revealed earlier this year that the group received large secret donations from Catholic groups – after it went to court to keep them private.
Apparently people will realise the ‘lie’ of same-sex marriage when they see ‘children suffering’
NOM had repeatedly gone to court over the issue, arguing that the Constitution says they don’t have to publish their donation records – but after losing successive cases finally released the list in August.

Despite pro-LGBT group Freedom to Marry closing down this year, after securing equality in all 50 states, NOM continues to operate.